It can be rather distressing to discover that you have been excluded as a beneficiary under a Will, notwithstanding you consider yourself equally as worthy as beneficiaries who have received their full share. There is usually some historical events that surround precede the drafting of such a Will.

The exclusion from (or significant reduction of) benefit from an estate can justify an application for proper provision out of the estate. This requires details consideration of the family circumstances and the worthiness of the claimant.

These types of issues require compassion and care, but combined with realistic commercial assessment of the case, and, whilst expressed nicely perhaps, forceful advocacy.

There is a time limitation – a claim must be commenced within 9 month of the passing of the deceased.

We are happy to appraise cases, and at low cost, provide opinion as to whether a claim can and should be pursued. We will consider undertaking claims on a speculative basis.

To arrange for us assess and fix your estate problem please contact Malcolm Robinson.

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