Building & Construction Disputes

Building and construction disputes can be very complicated, and create huge quantities of documents, and with all stages being time critical, can require urgent attention. You need help from lawyers experienced in this specific area.

We are proud that our team of lawyers has extensive and specialized skills to provide prompt and accurate legal advice to achieve a commercial, and hopefully quick, outcome.

Commercial Construction Disputes

Most commonly, when a dispute arises, it needs immediate attention, and swift decisions – Do you grant EOT? Is the problem a latent defect? Is the variation warranted? Should you give notice to terminate? What if the problem is not yet affecting the critical path of the project?

In some contracts there is an expert determination clause or a requirement for arbitration. Must these be complied with?

You need comfort that your legal team has dealt with these types of problems before. You need comfort that the lawyers will give clear advice in short time. You need this to remain within common sense budget requirements.

You can rely on our legal team to assess your problem and provide commercial and comprehensible advice regarding the legal issues and strategy as to options moving forward.

Building & Construction Industry Payments Act

The Building and Construction Industry Payments Act provides for a quick adjudication method to obtain early payment.

This is a very complicated area of law. Every step must occur within a short space of time. You need a lawyer with detailed knowledge of building disputes, as well as procedure under the Act, as well as court recovery process.

Residential Building Disputes

Home owners

Commonly, by the time you seek legal help regarding your house construction, your happiness at seeing your wonderful plans for your dream house have been shattered. The works are far beyond completion date, there is no urgency in completing the work, you are concerned there are defects, but you need possession of your property …

You need a lawyer who can guide you through the maze, who can assist you to decide whether or not to terminate, whether there is a claim on the Home Warranty Insurance Scheme.


Ensuring payment for your good work is critical to your business. Allegations of defects or of delay are commonly used to delay payments.

Our lawyers have the experience to provide correct commercial advice to resolve your legal problem.

So we can fix your legal problem, please contact Malcolm Robinson.

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