As our areas of work are specific, we are able provide cost effective service. We recognise that efficient and professional service avoiding useless tangents, research to learn about your matter or mere duplication of effort is important in controlling costs.


We also recognise that efficient and professional service is more important to the ultimate costs than a simplistic comparison of hourly rates.

As part of our assessment at the start of matters, we provide an assessment of the costs that will be incurred. This assessment will be included in your retainer and thereby confirming our commitment to you.

As matters develop, sometimes circumstances change. In those instances, we will explain the reason for change and the adjusted estimate of our costs. We will not proceed with the adjusted costing until you agree. That adjustment will become our contractual commitment to you.


For our clients with multiple matters, we have created innovative cost structures to ensure both certainty and value in all your legal needs. This arises through fixing costs for specific stages. This provides incentive to us to complete your matters as quickly as possible.

For more information on how we can tailor our costs to your needs, please contact Malcolm Robinson or Dain Locke.