We have found in recent times, perhaps with the almost universal use of facebook and other social media, that defamation is more common in society now than ever before.

With the extensive reach of social media platforms, the significance of comments with denigrate a person’s character can have extremely significant effects – and cause possible damage to reputation that must be dealt with urgently.

The remedy you seek is more than just money – it can require injunction to prevent repetition, and could involve an apology.

We have undertaken a significant number of cases – particularly social media based, where abhorrent, and in fact sometimes publications must be removed.

Thankfully, a number are resolved purely by demand. Others require court action.

Defamation is a complex and specialist area and many lawyers are not comfortable in pursuing it. However, Robinson Locke Litigation Lawyers have the skills and experience to protect your reputation to the extent the law allows.

To fix your problem, please contact Malcolm Robinson.

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