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Client, being Buyer with claim against Seller of house 19 August 2020

Hi Malcolm

Many thanks for resolving this issue so quickly and smoothly – your advice was greatly appreciated.

Warm regards

Client defending constructive trust claim against her property 21 May 2020

Hey Grace

Thanks so much, you have been amazing. I really appreciate everything you have done.

Take care

Client defending NSW litigation 30 April 2020

Dear Sir

thank you for your unparalleled support and service.

with kind regards

God bless you

Clients after recovery in full of money paid for an event frustrated by COVID-19 16 April 2020

Hi Mal

Thanks for your invaluable advice and support in our matter. It resulted in a great outcome, which we really appreciate.

Working with you and your team was an absolute pleasure and, should the need arise, we would have no hesitation in engaging with you in the future and in recommending your Firm to others.

We are so happy with the outcome of this matter, I will even go so far as to start supporting the 'mighty Richmond Tigers'....

All the best

3 clients with related defamation claims 16 April 2020

Malcolm - You have done so much work and [we] greatly appreciate your efforts and your generosity.

Thank you for all your work Malcom! - That invoice does not reflect anywhere near the amount of work you have put in here!

Hi Malcolm - … We so appreciate everything you’ve done.

Response from each of 2 x client representatives after resolving matter during COVID-19 1 April 2020

Hi Malcolm, This is a great result and thank you for pushing back on this.

Great work thanks Guys!

Client representative after a (successful) contested hearing against counsel in QCAT 9 October 2019

Thanks Malcolm

Your efforts before and during the hearing are appreciated and my time spent in QCAT with you was a valuable learning experience for me.

Client who defended a Supreme Court proceeding 1 August 2019

Hi Alistair,

I just wanted to thank you for all of the help, assistance and patience over the past 7 months. I’m extremely grateful for the assistance and service that you provided.

I wish you all the best for the future and I would highly recommend you to anyone who would require the service you provide.

I hope you have an outstanding day!


Client with employment related proceeding 22 February 2019

Malcolm the Magnificent ..... THANK YOU SO MUCH Thank you for giving me "my life back". I rarely drink but I am having a celebratory scotch & coke …

Client selling house, whose conveyancing solicitor was in need of assistance 14 February 2019

Hi Alistair

As advised by [the conveyancing solicitor] settlement has finally occurred on the above property. Thanks to you the buyer has proceeded with the contract and I am so appreciative of your advice and guidance in this matter. You always listened and responded to my concerns, communicated often both by email and phone and ensured I understood the process and consequences of my decisions. I felt confident that you would do the best for me. Thank you.

I'm sure you will forward your invoice shortly and I am more than happy to settle the account promptly. Furthermore, I will recommend you to my friends and relatives. My goal in all of this was to move to a more appropriate home for my future but I have to admit there was an element of winning!

Thank you again Alistair

Country solicitor for whom we act as town agent 20 November 2018

Dear Malcolm

Thanks again for your firm’s assistance with this matter, the service we received was genuinely outstanding.

Client with contentious retaining wall dispute 8 November 2018

Grace, I greatly appreciate for your wonderful and brilliant works!

You wrote three pages, which submitted to QCAT, is far greater and much more powerful than what I wrote in 70+pages!

You have already written a wonderful response to the interim order application before I even know it. That saved me from panic.

You sacrifice your time for lunch and work after hour for me and my sister, Grace.

May God reward your kindness and bless the works of your hands abundantly!

Warmest regards,

Subcontractor with BCIPA dispute 2 October 2018

Alistair, I would like to extend my many thanks to yourself and Malcolm for your professionalism and assistance with this matter, and for mediating a settlement prior to adjudication, it has been truly appreciated. All the best for the future. Thanks and Kind Regards

Client 4 September 2018

In March 2018 I received a series of threatening letters from the partner of a Brisbane Law firm on behalf of a developer who had constructed units on a neighbouring boundary. My attempt at a common sense reply only escalated the scale of their intimidation, so I engaged Malcolm to help. Just one letter drafted by him was enough to make the problem disappear, we never heard from them again. Money well spent and I would have no hesitation in using him again.


Client after response to demand 14 March 2018

Well mate, you have done it again !

They paid the outstanding invoice last night.

You are magnificent.

Thank you for your help.

Regards your biggest fan,

Client after trial 15 November 2017

Dear Malcolm and Alistair,

Words cannot express the feeling of euphoria, I am experiencing in my life. I now realised, that I have been under an enormous amount of pressure for the last 20 years of my life.

Thank you both for believing in me and understanding my reasons to move forward in clearing my name against false accusations.

Merry Christmas to you both!!!

Client after trial 9 November 2017

Good Morning Malcolm, Alistair and [barrister],

My family and I cannot thank you enough for your time, advice and support during this extremely stressful and trying time for us all. This whole experience has been exhausting and life consuming and we pray to God that this will all come to an end soon.

Your professionalism, your ongoing support and your time answering our many question and I know at times we asked the same questions, however you always made the time for us.

Malcolm, I personally thank you for taking timeout from your busy schedule to support both *** and myself pre-trial.

I hope that all our hard work and the truth will result in a positive outcome for my family.

With sincerity from our hearts we thank you.

Client with dispute against another law firm 10 August 2017

Thank you so much. This is exactly what I wanted and expected from a very professional solicitor.

My biggest mistake is that I did not approach your office in February 2016.

I will recommend you and your business to all builders who need legal service.

Client with negligence claim against another law firm 9 May 2017

Despite some of twists in the case, I thank you so much for your professionalism and your help throughout the process.

I will definitely recommend your services to my community should I have any chances.

I sincerely wish you and your company all the best in the near future.

Client with property issues 8 May 2017

It was indeed our Pleasure and Honour to deal with Malcolm Robinson and Gary Hugill.

Both Gary and Malcolm are "Honest and Client Caring Professionals" and do everything necessary to keep their Clients best interests both in their mind and Heart.

Will highly recommend their services

Client with negligence claim against another law firm 25 January 2017

Thank you so much for your advice, support and assistance during my legal ordeal when I was purchasing my little townhouse. Thank you for your patience and everything! It was a very stressful time and upsetting few weeks for me. I would like to say thank you, a very sincere thank you.

Excerpt from QCAT decision in GHI v QBCC; JKL v QBCC [2016] QCAT 3 5 January 2017

[125] I record my appreciation of the thorough and balanced approach displayed by Mr Robinson in discharging the Respondent’s [QBCC] duty to assist the Tribunal to make its decisions in these reviews.

Conveyancing Client December 2016

Many thanks for your excellent work on this transfer; it was far from 'straight forward'. Your directness and promptness are an inspiration to lawyers all over Brisbane, indeed the world.... Very best regards,

Company Deadlock Dispute October 2016

Hi Everyone [My Husband] and I would really like to take the time to thank you all for everything that you have done for us and our family. Without the help of you all we would not be in the position that we are now in of owning the company and having a real chance of making it a success.

You all made yourselves available to us at a drop of a hat!!! You answered all our questions honestly and quickly. I know I phoned most of you many many times in desperation and you were always caring, supportive, professional and helpful.

You all truly supported us through one of the worst situations and times and there were many times when we felt there was no light at the end of the tunnel but............ with a team of incredible people behind us we have made it out!

Please know that you are all always welcome at [our business]!! Once again thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Kind Regards

Commercial Dispute Client August 2016

“Thank you for a job very well done!!

Malcolm, **** and I just want you to know that we are very appreciative of your advice and support in this matter. The organisation's prior lawyers - one of Brisbane's most prominent firms - had strongly advised that the action could not be defended and that the best that could be hoped for was an offer to settle with a very substantial payment. We are very thankful that you agreed to accept this case.”

Building Dispute Client August 2016

Thank you for your assistance. The QBCC have accepted our claim after receiving your letters showing termination of our contract with ****. You have given us a much better outcome than what we were anticipating. Regards

Litigation Client July 2016

Thanks Malcolm, ... I really appreciate your help and advice through this, Its been great.. I’ll definitely be recommending you to anyone that requires these types of services.

Commercial Client June 2015

The one good thing we have found from this whole 12 months of awful ordeals with this land and builder is a great solicitor firm!....

Litigation Client April 2015

Thanks again for all your help - you've been absolutely bloody brilliant. This was not something I would have liked to have approached on my own and I couldn't have achieved this result without you. After all my ravings … about unfairness and the lack of justice in the world, there certainly seems to have been a bit of karma involved in the outcome....

Commercial Client June 2015

.... I also want to thank you for the professional service you have provided and the result you were able to achieve in relation to the Airlie Beach case. I will recommend you to my business friends in the future.

Other side in commercial matter, August 2013

I sincerely thank you for assisting us through the eleventh hour concern with the outstanding account. The proposal you put forward was well received by our Executive Management team and certainly made us feel more comfortable that the final settlement would be amicable and in the positive spirit that we intended it to be.

Senior Compliance Officer, BSA, April 2013

Another correct outcome. Thank you for your work on this one…. Great work as always!

Property Developer, November 2012

I have known Malcolm Robinson in professional capacity since 2009. In recent times, he has been acting for one of my companies in relation to a number of claims in the Supreme Court of Queensland arising out of a development being undertaken by my group ….

I have been very happy at all stages with the timeliness of action and clear and concise legal advice I have received. In all matters I have been provided a clear path for the future conduct of the matter, whilst also explaining considerations relating to other possible courses of action.

I have dealings with many legal firms covering many types of matters. The legal services provided by Robinson Locke Litigation Lawyers have been second to none and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Credit Manager, Finance company, November 2012

We have been using the services of Malcolm Robinson and Dain Locke since April 2007 primarily to instigate litigation on our behalf to assist in the recovery of our bad debts. Their efforts have helped us to reduce our bad debts from 15% to less than 1% over this period. They were successful in achieving some very large recoveries on our behalf. In addition to litigation, Robinson Locke also reviewed our lending documentation and redrafted these to ensure our interests were protected for both lending and recovery. Subsequent challenges against this agreement have been unsuccessful and the contract/guarantee drafted proved to be water tight.

Our dealings with them have been very prompt and efficient. I find them to be very approachable, honest, knowledgeable and informative.

Client, November 2012

I would like to take this opportunity to once again say THANK YOU to you Malcom and Dain and staff for all the help you given me in this rough time. I cannot say thank you enough. I could not been left in better hands. My [late husband] would have been so happy to know that I was being looked after by the people that he really trusted so a big THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH.

Accountant, October 2012

Thank you. Impressive turnaround.

September 2012

Thank you for your quick response and your manner while I was at Robinson Locke the other day.

I appreciated your approach. Thanks to you and the team. I really appreciated it.

Developer, August 2012

The purpose of this email is to thank you for your attendance on matters to date and to let you know that I appreciate the DD you apply to the matters and the clear and concise advice you provide.

In our business dealing with many legal firms in the relevant jurisdictions and hundreds of purchasers, it is important to me that purchasers and their lawyers understand that their clients enter into contracts and we expect them to perform.

Client, June 2012

Thanks for the work you did on my Will. It has been a very professional and pleasant experience. Thanks very much.